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Airport car parks


A drop off car park is available in front of the airport terminal building. Parking is limited to 5 minutes. There are two spaces available for persons with reduced mobility.

A free car park service is available in the public car park to users parking for 1 hour or less.

Due to the traffic increase, 212 car park spaces have been created in 2018.
450 car park spaces are now available...


      Price in € - from 1-01-2019
            every 15 minutes

      Less than 1 hour Free Fee


Exemple :

Number of days P1 P2
1 11,40 € 7,40 €
5 33,40 € 21,80 €
7 42,50 € 27,70 €
10 57,30 € 37,30 €
14 76,90 € 50,10 €


The car park spaces nearest to the airport terminal are reserved for persons with reduced mobility.

These rates are subject to changes according to the tariff guide.

No prior reservation is required.



It is possible to pay by credit card, using Chip and Pin or by NFC non-contact mode, from the two payment machines situated at the car park barriers located at the car park exit.  

In addition to the car park exit barrier machines, there are also two automatic payment machines, one located in the terminal building and the other in the public car park itself, which allow you to pay :

  • by credit card or,
  • with cash. 


     The airport authorities decline any responsibility in the event of an incident occurring in the airport car park.