Today 22 février 2019
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VIP Lounge

A VIP, a personality or a star to welcome ?

You may rent the special VIP lounge with direct acces to the tarmac, wich is dedicated to this type of service.






Confort, quietness, anonymous, your clients will be able to have a rest, an interview or taste a nice meal in this privacy lounge.

The price for renting this space is 36.68 € excluding VAT / hour (page 31 of the conditions of use -1st january 2017) 

The access to tarmac with a private vehicle is possible to book (price :  45 € excluding VAT - 1st january 2017)

Finally the airport offers a wide range of catering services (page 24 of conditions of use) : hot water, ice, drinks, even dish washing (with reconditionning for atlas or trolleys. It's possible to order catering on our website HERE - A good description of your order is needed.

Services can be provided directly by the airport staff or by another provider.

You can call us  02 31 71 20 13  or send us an email at : 

Do not hesitate, we are at your service

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