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For security reasons, never leave your baggage unattended at any time.

1hour 15 minutes, is the time necessary to avoid of danger from a suspect baggage.

The terminal can be closed and flights cancelled for this reason .












We would strongly advise you to consult the website of your airline to find out the hand and hold luggage conditions (weight, luggage sizes, number of bags allowed, etc.) Simply click on your airline logo below :

Each airline specifies quite clearly the items prohibited for hand and hold luggage and tips to better prepare your suitcase. 


If you do not respect the airline’s luggage instructions you are liable to pay additional fees imposed by your airline at the airport.




 Note that all prohibited items will be confiscated and destroyed by airport security officers.





In most cases all passengers above 2 years of age may carry one piece of hand luggage during their flight. 


Hand luggage sizes may vary depending in the airline. 

Note that a handbag and a camera may be considered as a piece of hand luggage for certain airlines.

Only bring what is absolutely necessary in your cabin luggage for your flight on board and do not forget to check hand luggage contents comply with airport security rules to avoid confiscation.



To date there are no lockers or storage facilities at the airport to leave your articles that risk confiscation.




Your luggage will be labelled during check-in.  However, you can also label your luggage with your name and address, which is always helpful in case of loss.

Some airlines may allow the checking in of certain items such as bicycles, golf clubs, surfboards, etc., but it is necessary to verify beforehand with your airline. 

For your information, at the check-in, a tag can 


For your comfort and safety, if your flight is full or depending on the type of aircraft, it may not be possible to carry your hand baggage on board, even if it has the correct dimensions and weight. We will check it in and carry it in the hold, free of charge.




Baggage handling disputes differ between airlines.

If you do not retrieve your luggage when you arrive at Caen Carpiquet airport or is damaged, you are kindly asked to proceed to the airport Ticket Sales desk to let us know.  

Please have your boarding pass stub ready to present to ground handling staff.  

Before leaving the airport, you must complete the Property Irregularity Report (PIR)

You can track the progress of your baggage file in real time with our online baggage search tool. Use the file number you received online after submitting your declaration form, or from our staff after your declaration at the airport.



  Please consult the Airport Security Measures page for further information

You may also contact one of the below for more in-depth information regarding specific luggage requirements :

  • The travel agency where you booked your flight
  • The airport ticket sales desk at +33 2 31 71 20 10
  • The airline website