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Key figures


Traffic : Historical results

In 2018, Caen-Carpiquet airport has registered 274 011 commercial passengers, which represents an increase of more than 51,46% in comparison to 2017.

Evolution of the traffic in 2018

Progress by line :

Lyon +17%
Londres +5%
La Corse +18,5%
Toulouse  +203%
Nice -7,32%

Other commercial passengers

A increase of 16% was registered compared to 2017 with 4 694 passengers.

A public service airport: health flights  have increased by 2%.

Private passengers

A la carte service, discreet performance, the know-how of the airport of Caen-Carpiquet is appreciated by the private passengers and pilots from the whole world, as well as flying clubs. In fact, 35 500 passengers were welcomed in 2018.

Distributions of the traffic by company :

Balance sheet 2019 of the commercial traffic 

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There are many reasons to use one of France’s most dynamic and streamlined regional airports. Here are just some of the main reasons summarized for you:

  • Geographic location: close to the regional capital city of Caen,
  • Flexible opening hours to handle flights,
  • Ability to adapt to the specific needs of airlines,
  • Mechanism to meet the constraints of companies (fast and personalized handling service)
  • A direct link to the Greater Caen area, to France, and to Europe, thanks to more than 40 destinations served by the hubs at Lyon,
  • The necessary tools for regional economic development as proved by the volume of business traffic,
  • An essential part of linking the health system at a regional level.